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The art of Wiccatori is freedom of imagination aimed at creating fantastic, fabulous anthropomorphic creatures associated with helpers, mentors and secret friends who inspire a person from the pages of fairy tale books.


The fabulousness of the characters and their artistic performance is intended to restore the spirit of adventure that guides children on their way of knowing the world. There are still quite a few restrictions in the mind of the child, which contributes to their desire not only to learn, but also to create, feeling safe and harmony.


The main goal is to evoke positive vivid emotions by directly addressing the inner child, connecting it with that same invisible source, the space of ideas, where it takes inspiration and motivation. As well as a temporarily switch attention from the anxieties of life and routines


Wiccatori paintings are the result of not only emotional manifestation, but also the process of creation and construction of new not existing forms  and their integration into the natural world. The process of creation itself can sometimes take up to several weeks and include a few stages - a sketch, selection of references and colours, overlay layers.


The style is based on the maximum possible departure from the patterns and rules of the physical world with well-defined proportions and rules, to the extent that the connection with the imagination, the invisible and the physical remains.

Being an adherent of the power of imagination, Wiccatori creates her own form of reality on canvas, where everything gets possible

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